Advantages of émr

The emr is a quality school, open to all, providing recognised teaching by qualified teachers. Communal and cantonal support, regulated by the LEM (Law on music schools), allows students to benefit from reduced fees. The city can help parents to pay the fees by granting generous allowances on request.


In order to fully meet the requirements of the FEM, Fondation pour l’Enseignement de la Musique, the emr was restructured into the association Aémr in 2020.

In 2014, the emr joined the EMVR, Ecole de musique vaudoise en réseau, itself a member of the AVCEM, and can thus benefit from the clauses of the Loi sur les Ecoles de Musique (LEM).

The purpose of the LEM, which came into force in August 2012, is to structure non-professional music studies and to organise the musical offer in the canton:

  • It provides students with access to quality basic music education throughout Vaud, in schools recognised for this purpose.
  • It establishes the basis for the financing of non-professional music education by dividing it between the public authorities (Canton and cities) and the parents of the students, and by harmonising the school fees at cantonal level.
  • It also aims to bring teachers’ working conditions and salaries up to standard.