Organisation of music studies

The music curriculum is divided into several levels:

LevelLengthSuggested lesson
Préparatoire1 to 2 years30 minutes
Elémentaire1 to 3 years30 to 40 minutes
Moyen1 to 3 years30 to 40 minutes
Secondaire1 to 3 years40 to 60 minutes
Secondaire supérieur1 to 3 years50 to 60 minutes
Certificat2 years50 to 60 minutes
Certificat supérieur2 to 3 years60 to 70 minutes

To move from one level to the next, students take an exam validated by an expert from outside the school. If this exam is not passed, it is possible to retake it the following year. If the situation persists, a discussion between the teacher and the management of the Ecole de musique de Renens will determine the continuation of musical studies.

When a student is in a year without an examination, his/her instrument teacher may decide to give him/her an assessment. This is indicative and internal to the school.

At the end of level secondaire supérieur 3, the student is directed either towards a certificate from the music school or towards a cantonal certificate, depending on his or her desires, ambitions, potential and the time he or she can devote to the instrument.

Students who do not wish to follow the curriculum and take examinations have the possibility of enrolling in a free class. However, they will not receive the cantonal subsidy for music lessons, and this will influence the school fees.

The study plans with the technical and musical requirements for each level and the official examination guidelines are available on the FEM website.