School fees

Fee for next year 2024-2025

Fee for children 2023-2024

Fees are valid for children up to the age of 20 or students up to the age of 25 (with proof).

Fees for 36 weeksmin.yearlymonthly
Music awareness, 4 to 6 years, in group50′650.0065.00
Recorder (flute), in group45′800.0080.00
Instrument or singing lesson in group50′800.0080.00
Individual lesson30′1’230.00123.00
Individual lesson extended40′1’640.00164.00
Individual lesson extended45′1’845.00184.50
Music theory in group, weekly25′100.00
Annual registration per family35.00

Family discount 2023-2024

The family discount is CHF 100.00 per year for the 2nd and subsequent children in individual lesson. Group lesson do not count for the discount. This discount also applies if a student takes 2 individual lessons, for example violin and piano.

Registration during the year is possible at the beginning of the semester. The school fees are then calculated for the remaining weeks of the school year.

Fee for adults 2023-2024

Type of lessonmin.yearlymonthly
Weekly individual lesson30′1’880.00188.00
Weekly individual lesson45′2’820.00282.00
Alternating individual lesson 1 lesson per 2 weeks30′940.0094.00

Fee for children of tax-exempt international official parents.

Conditions and registration

The registration is valid until the end of the school year. The contract is renewed tacitly from year to year for individual and group lessons.

To register a student or yourself for a lesson, please complete the pre-registration form.

If you wish to resign or change your lesson, please consult the registration page.