FAQ invoice QR-code

You have received your QR-code invoice and have questions, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why a new emr account number?

In order to comply with the law on music schools, the Ecole de musique de Renens (émr) was forced to create an association of the Renens music school (Aémr) in 2020. As a consequence, a new account number has been created at the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) in the name of this association. Please check that you are using the new account number printed in the payment section. It is therefore no longer possible to make payments to the old account number.

Which IBAN should I use?

On the invoice, after scanning the QR-code or by copying the printed IBAN number, you must use the IBAN number CH7730767000T54903881, Aémr Ecole de musique de Renens, 1020 Renens. This number is specific to QR-code invoices.

Why is the invoice sent to me by e-mail?

The invoice sent by e-mail does not need to be printed. Thanks to the QR-code system, it is no longer necessary to print on special sheets with an integrated orange payment slip. This saves a lot of printing and postage costs.

What to do with the QR-code?

You can either scan the QR-code when paying online or print the document and go to the post office counter to pay the bill. If you do not have a scanner for telebanking, you will use the IBAN and the printed reference code. The latter method is useful for creating a periodic standing order.

Does Postfinance not accept the indicated IBAN number?

In addition to the IBAN number indicated on the payment section, the QR reference field must also be filled in so that Postfinance can accept the payment.

Why are there two semesters on the invoice?

The invoices contain both semesters, as registrations are valid for a full school year.

What is the annual registration fee?

The annual registration fee is an amount of CHF 35.00 charged per year per family, to cover the costs of running the school.

What is the family discount?

A discount of CHF 100.00 per year (CHF 50.00 per semester) is granted per child from the second child onwards for individual courses. This means that if a student takes two individual courses, the second course also receives the discount.

Not happy with the payment schedule?

The invoice can be divided into several instalments with staggered payment terms. You can get an annual payment, half-yearly, every two months (5 payments) or monthly (10 payments).

If the payment frequency proposed in the current invoice does not suit you, please let us know so that we can send you a new invoice with the chosen payment frequency. Please send your email to info@em-renens.ch